Poverty and Opportunity Profile: Disability

Half in Ten partners with the Consortium for Citizens with Disabilities to release a fact sheet on disability as part of the Poverty and Opportunity Profile series

Nearly one in five Americans has a disability, representing 57 million Americans. Disability is a group that any person, regardless of age, economic status, or ethnicity may join, and includes people with physical, intellectual, mental, and developmental disabilities.

Although much progress has been made over the past several decades to advance the full participation of children and adults with disabilities in all aspects of community living, because of myth, stereotype, and fear about their disability, too many people are denied the opportunity to demonstrate what they can do. Moreover, individuals with disabilities disproportionately face economic hardship as families struggle to make ends meet without proper services and supports. In turn, people with disabilities and their families are more susceptible to falling into poverty, which was especially true during the Great Recession and the subsequent recovery. We must bolster, not attack, safety net programs that are already working overtime to ensure that Americans with disabilities have meaningful opportunities to thrive economically and contribute to the nation’s shared prosperity.

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