Half in Ten National Art Competition

Show us your creative talent for the chance to win prizes and raise awareness

As part of Half in Ten’s mission to build the political and public will to cut poverty in half in ten years, our campaign is launching its first national art competition starting today through June 30th with the theme

Our American Dream—What will it take to get there?

Through art, our goal is to engage as many children and young people across the country, ages 4 through 24, in a national conversation with their families, teachers, and community members about poverty and what we need to do as a nation tackle it. Winners of the competition will be announced in a variety of age categories with prizes ranging from art kits, to ipads, to a trip to DC. We also plan to feature some of the entries in upcoming Half in Ten reports, products, and other campaign materials.

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Theme and Judging Criteria:

Please develop an original artistic piece relating to the following theme: Our American Dream – What will it take to get there?

Judges for the contest will assess your work according to the following two criteria:

(1) What does poverty mean to you? What does someone need to overcome it and realize their dreams?

Guidance: Does your community need more books in your classroom, safer neighborhoods, scholarships for college, etc.?  Everyone is able to answer this; whether or not you’ve personally experienced hardship or know someone who has, poverty means something to you and affects everyone.

(2)  What is YOUR American Dream and what will it take to get there?

Guidance: What is Your American dream? What do you hope to do in the next 10 or 20 years? What is something Americans can do together to end poverty and put the American Dream within reach for everyone? What would YOU march on Washington for? What can citizens and political leaders do to end poverty together?

Further Guidance

  • Submission should include something that relates to both of those criteria, as judges will be looking for elements of both as they relate to the overarching theme
  • Entrants are encouraged to express what they think poverty means, and what the impacts are for their community and country.
  • Parents, family members, teachers, and community members are encouraged to talk about the theme with younger children to help them think about the issues and what they’d do to reduce poverty.
  • Entrants will be asked to provide a brief artist statement (3-4 sentences) explaining how their art relates to the theme.

How to Register

Register today HERE

How to Submit

After you’ve registered online, all art must be mailed to Half in Ten (Attn: Alyssa Peterson) at 1333 H St NW, Washington DC 20009, along with a signed Submission Cover Letter and Release for it to be accepted.

Winners and Prizes

There are six age categories of winners and the prizes are:

Ages 4-5: art kit

Ages 6-7: art kit

Ages 8-10: ipad

Ages 11-13: ipad

Ages 14-18: trip to DC with chaperone

Ages 19-24: trip to DC

Restrictions apply. Please see the Official Rules for more details.


The competition is from May 1 through June 30th, entries must be post-marked no later than June 30th. The winners will be announced in July.


Frequently Asked Questions

Online Registration Form

Submission Cover Letter

Official Rules