Laura’s Story About Medicaid

You might be surprised how much Medicaid matters to me. My parents have health insurance for our family through their jobs, but it’s not enough to cover the cost and needs that come with Mitochondrial Disease. *

Without Medicaid, I wouldn’t have my blog because I wouldn’t have a computer or books of my own. My family would have declared bankruptcy years ago. I wouldn’t have my scooter to get around. Instead, I would have a cheap manual wheelchair, so I wouldn’t be independent.

My parents wouldn’t be able to work as much or volunteer, because without Medicaid, we would lose access to the health aide that takes care of my brother Matthew and me when my parents can’t. We can’t stay home alone with our medical issues like our peers do, so my dad would have never gotten his government position because we would need him to push our wheelchairs so Matthew and I could do something.

My life would be completely different.

*Laura is 11 years old and was born with Mitochondrial Disease, a disorder of the energy-creating units in all body cells.

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