Nancy’s Story About WIC

My husband and I both worked full-time until 2004, when my youngest child was nine months old and I became a part-time worker. Our combined income was barely enough to cover our bills and a friend suggested I look into the WIC program.

I breastfed all three of my kids, but I developed post-partum depression after my daughter, our second child, was born. Because of bad side effects and having to change medications, I ended up being hospitalized. Until my baby was one year old, WIC provided us with formula that we would never have been able to afford. Breastfeeding was very important to me and WIC was there to support me when I was no longer able to do that.

When my third child was born, after two weeks of breastfeeding, I needed to supplement with formula due to his size and not being able to produce enough breastmilk myself. WIC, once again, was there for me. The formula and the groceries it enabled me to purchase were a huge help.

Before having my own kids, I’ll admit I judged other families who used WIC checks. I want you to know that two working parents still have the need for WIC. My youngest child turned five this year so we are no longer able to utilize the WIC program. I have returned to work full-time. Without the formula and groceries that WIC helped us with over these years, we would be in further debt.